About 10/10

The 10/10 Alumni Summit is a biannual event that seeks to promote and provide a platform for IITH alumni to showcase their visionary leadership potential and connects them with mentors, investors, alumni, and like-minded people. 10 most influential alumni who have done outstanding work in the past 10 years would be selected through nominations (self/peer) and a selection process. A jury of distinguished leaders from various domains from India and abroad examine the nominee’s achievements of the nominees against various metrics, placing the winners on par with the finest visionaries in the world. To celebrate this, we will have a 2-day event at the end of December that includes a networking dinner with prominent leaders, an official magazine, and a press release. To celebrate this, we will have a Visionary Leadership Summit with an official magazine and press release.

Our Vision

For decades, IITs have been the heart of innovation for decades and have produced some of the world's most influential leaders like Sunder Pichai (Google CEO), Parag Agrawal (Twitter CEO), Arvind Agrawal (Delhi CM, founder AAP) and Raghuram Rajan (ex RBI Governor), among others. The 10/10 Summit is a first-of-its-kind initiative to honor the IITH alumni who have the potential to become the next world-changing leader, be in academia, entrepreneurship, administration, or society at large.

The award intends to honor visionary attitudes among the alumni that have a world-changing potential for the good. It also seeks to inculcate a leadership outlook to challenge real-world issues and provide a platform to connect with leaders and top professionals who would in order to become a marker of distinction in various disciplines.